Support Groups

All support groups are FREE and everyone is welcome!

Breastfeeding Support Groups:

  • Milk Monologues (every Wednesday @ 1:00pm)
    • This breastfeeding support groups for infants (non-mobile) is our longest running support group and meets every Wednesday at 1:00 pm. While breastfeeding support is the group’s main focus, we have found that it is also a driving force for discussions related to parenting, returning to work, interacting with grandparents etc. It is our gauge for what our client-families are concerned about, interested in and topics that may need to be addressed by Educated Mommy. A Certified Lactation Counselor facilitates this group.
    • Meet Renee

Babywearing Support Groups:

  • Bonding Through Babywearing (2nd Saturday @ 3:00pm, 3rd Saturday @ 9:00am, and 4th Tuesday @ 6:30pm)
    • This babywearing support group will help guide beginning babywearers as they look for information on different types of basic carriers as well as experienced babywearers in more advanced wrapping techniques. You will also have opportunities to “touch and feel” different types of woven wraps to help make purchasing decisions.

      **Worn babies welcome**

    • Meet our certified babywearing experts!

Parenting/Mother Support Groups:

  • Flourish – A New Parent Support Group (Every Friday @ 1 pm)
    • Introducing Sioux Falls’ newest group: Flourish! Flourish is a group for postpartum parents to come together in a casual and relaxed environment. Join us as we journey through the postpartum period, sharing together our joys and successes as well as our challenges and frustrations. It is a place to ask questions and build community with other parents. As always, babies and older siblings are welcome! We are very excited and honored to accompany you on your parenting journey. Let us help you Flourish after birth!
    • The group is facilitated by Shannon Ward and Megan Grode-Wolters.
  • Educated Mommies Love Books, Naturally! (approx every 5 weeks)
    • Enjoy a night away chatting, learning and engaging with other mommies in our Educated Mommy community!
      We meet approximately every 5 weeks. Members choose the book. It is very informal and supportive. Dates can be found on the Educated Mommy Facebook Event Page.